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Having been active in Northamptonshire for many years David Marshall Personal Training (DMPT) aims to offer World Class 1-2-1 and Group Training that deliver the results you dare dream of.

Built on an ethos of making YOU responsible for your own transformation we have supported and guided hundreds of people in our area towards their lifelong goals.

In a world of utter confusion when it comes to healthy living, fitness, nutrition, government initiatives and health debates, it is very easy to hold your hands up and say “I give up”. How many diets have you tried and failed? How many fads have come and gone along with your money? How many times have you joined the gym in January and given up by February? How many times have you looked for a quick fix and found yourself back to square one?

The reason you are reading this is that the answer to the above is more than once and you have had enough!

Changing the perception of what normal feels like and Making Fitness a Way of Life. No endless quick fixes but creating change to last a life time.
David Marshall
Founder of DMPT & Body Blitz
Successful clients are those who take gradual, consistent steps on the path towards long-term growth by prioritising quality and mastery.
Coach Sommer
World Renowned Gymnastics Coach

Why do you keep failing?

Well without being blunt, you can keep trying to fit round pegs into square holes but it’s just not going to happen.
There are some very basic principles to success, in every facet of your life; be it relationships, your career or indeed your health and body image, the foundations require hard work. Progress requires consistent hard work and excellence requires time, experience, learning from challenges and of course hard work.
In a world of promised quick fixes and clever advertising that is unfortunately what people forget.

How is DMPT different?

We make you front and centre of your journey and we encourage you to be responsible for being a better version of you. We get you to answer the questions by giving you the right tools to answer them. Whatever your goals are, whatever the reason for searching in Google for a “personal trainer in Northampton”, we make you responsible for getting the results you want, through life coaching, nutritional planning and of course exercise, all whilst providing 24-hour support to ensure you get there. DMPT believes this is the most important part of making sure you not only get incredible results but you never look back, you never fall off of the wagon and you make a wholesale change forever. You will discover muscles you didn’t know you had, the energy you didn’t know you could muster and goals you didn’t dare believe you could reach.

What do we do?

Graphic depicting gym lunge exercises without weights

DMPT creates an extensive Personal Coaching programme designed around your goals. No treadmills, no cross trainers. You will use muscles you have not used before to become the person you never knew you could be.

Exclusive 1-2-1 Instruction –

with access to our own studio based at Brackmills Industrial Estate, in Northampton. We also offer a mobile personal training service delivering sessions in the comfort of your own home or in our “open air” gym at Abington Park.

Small Group Training –

Maximum of 4 people, don’t do it alone. Research shows that we are more likely to stick to a long-term training plan if you have a support network around you.

Conditioning, Strength and Toning –

Our customised programmes for every member of the family will make you look good and feel great.

Weight Loss –

Overweight, short of breath or feeling lethargic? Sometimes you need a guiding hand to set you on the right path.

Pre and Post Natal Exercise –

for new and expectant mothers.

Injury Rehabilitation –

Injured at work or playing the sport you love? Let us develop a training plan to get you back to full working order.

Sports Massage Therapy –

Level 3 qualified sports massage therapists ready to release soft tissue tightness, increase mobility and aid post-exercise recovery.

Body Blitz in Northampton –

Classes available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Learn how to push new heights in your training with like-minded individuals in a large group setting.

Baby Steps Big Results

 Let me prove it – We don’t offer a money-back guarantee or any other gimmicks. Why? Simple; I give you the tools, you have got to do the work. Responsibility for both your past and your future is yours.

FREE Taster Session

Take your first step – As a fitness trainer who focuses on ‘one on one’ coaching, I need to find out about you! To do this I offer a complimentary consultation that is designed to get straight to the point of what you want from me. I will answer any questions or fears you may have at this consultation, which also determines that the chemistry is there between client and trainer.

Book your complimentary taster session today or call me on 07954 153 248 for more information.

So Who is David Marshall?

If you are wondering who I am, why I became a personal trainer and why I have the right credentials to take you on your journey to “Making Fitness a Way of Life” please visit the About Trainer David page.

I look forward to working with you.