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There is nothing more gratifying than growing your business through recommendations from satisfied clients.
At Marshall Personal Training I’m proud that the service I deliver is reflected in a selection of reviews and feedback from customer testimonials detailed below.
If you’ve used my services and are pleased with the results your review would be appreciated. Please either visit my Facebook or Google+ pages using the social media links on this page.
My goal was to get my pre-pregnancy body back – in 6 months I lost 27kgs, 3 dress sizes and am fitter, healthier and stronger than I’ve ever been. My personal training goal was to lose weight and tone up but with David’s help I achieved so much more. He focused on conditioning and strengthening my core – both had taken a beating from child birth and now I feel stronger than ever, not just physically but mentally too. I can run again, not just plod along and beg the road home to end but actually run. I’m back in my favourite size 10 jeans and they actually fit – not just squished in like trying to get toothpaste back in the tube, they really fit me! I cannot thank him enough for what he helped me achieve.
Sam Beers
Before I trained with David I was completely lost. I used to go to gym 3/4 times per week and as David would say waste my time. I did not lose any weight or get any fitter but I felt like as long as I was going it must be doing good. After attending a few of David’s classes and loving his boundless enthusiasm I signed up to do personal training with him. I have to be honest the idea of personal training scared me as I didn’t think I was ready but what David delivers is so much more than just results. He motivates me, guides me through tough times and is often the voice of common sense between my husband and myself. Every session is fun and you realise very quickly just how different every day life is when you have confidence in yourself. We miss him at Virgin Active but know he will be a great success wherever he is and with who ever he works…..
Elvira Teodisiu

Why Customer Testimonials Mean So Much

If you are buying a pair of shoes or booking a holiday chances are you will be looking at various review sites and/or social media such as Amazon, Facebook or Tripadvisor. Why do you look there? Because the feedback and first-hand customer experience will, hopefully, be honest and reflect the services they’ve received. More importantly these reviews are not posted by companies promoting their own products or services, they’re reflecting a person’s personal experience.

Choosing the right person to train you is no different to purchasing any other product or service, indeed it could be argued that the 1-2-1 chemistry has to be right for the partnership to work and for you to get the results you are undoubtedly looking for.

As a personal trainer, reviews and testimonials have helped me to grow my business and I encourage you to view feedback on the services I can offer by visiting the links below. Equally if you are, or have been, a client of mine your honest review would be appreciated.

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