Strength and Toning

Graphic of two people, one with dumbell above their head and one doing press-ups

Do not be deterred by the language. The term strength and toning, or strength and conditioning in some cases, is used by many “experts” failing to get results. Here at David Marshall Personal Training we know the value of correct technique and the outcome of total body workouts.

Strength and toning is vital to any successful programme whether it be weight loss, weight gain, rehabilitation, postural correction or indeed good health.

Your body loves being challenged but we don’t need masses of equipment to get your body working as we know that sometimes all it needs to look awesome is a little encouragement and a kick in the right direction.

Strength and Toning Starts Early

From an early age we learn to crawl, then we learn to walk and then eventually to run. Your body grows as the demands put on it change. Somewhere along the line though we forget to keep challenging it and that is when we get stuck in a rut.

Our strength and toning exercises and customised programme for both men and women will fire you into shape not only to look great in the mirror but also feel great from the inside out.

Graphic of two children trying to lift heavy dumbells

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