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Making A Life Change - Why Always A Monday?

As a Personal Trainer of far too many years experience, I think I must have heard “Ah well I will just start on Monday” more times than there are people in China. I am finally asking WHY!

I mean, it is the start of the working week, the kids are back at school, the workload on your desk is normally CATASTROPHIC, the postman arrives with the bills and it is statistically the longest working day of the week, and back to the kid theme they are always hard work on a Monday so why on earth do we decide that we are going to start the hardest life changing decision of our life on a Monday?

If you want to succeed in losing weight, shaping up, getting fit you Monday starters may as well join the “New Year New Me” Gang and admit to yourself that really it is not going to happen.

As a young trainer working in various gyms, every manager I ever worked for told me I needed to hit it hard on a Monday, “Sell sell sell, the gym will be packed”. Every Monday was the same free session after free session for people who never turned up again.

A change of behaviour doesn’t happen overnight

We know that behaviour takes 21 days to adapt and up to 6 months to change forever. So I am asking you to try something new. Give yourself a break. Deal with the challenges that Monday brings and lay off the guilt of not hitting the gym. Make it your rest day. God knows you will need it after the day you have probably had. Or if you are going to train on a Monday get it done early, you will need the energetic kick start to get you through the day.

Screaming Sherlock are you crazy, you are a trainer and you don’t want business on a Monday?

Quite the opposite my dear Watson I want people to succeed and train more than once a week (real results people) so let’s work the numbers.
365 days per year – 52 Mondays – 313 other days you can train and the most important fact of all is this. If you go for a birthday meal on Tuesday, maybe go a little excessive? If you get rid of the “start on Monday mentality you are in fact giving yourself 313 more days to reach your goals.

So you are saying don’t train on Mondays?
Nope, I am saying don’t start on Mondays, start today, start now, start whilst you are thinking about it and not before you have convinced yourself to start next Monday.

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Personal Trainer Tip

Finally here’s my Shout Out to trainers working the gym floor on a Monday. “Good luck, don’t tire yourself out as there are still another 6 days in the week. If you are working 12 hours a day 6 days a week charge more as you are obviously good at what you do”.