Injury Rehabilitation in Northampton

Graphic of person in wheelchair holding a pair of red dumb-bells above their head during injury rehabilitation exercises in northampton
Injuries may occur in any walk of life and although we try our best to prevent it happening sometimes lady luck just isn’t on our side.
Injuries can be both debilitating and costly, those bills don’t pay for themselves whilst you’re off sick.
I have heard many stories of clients returning to work signed off by their doctor with a list of exercises to do by their physio. Does this sound familiar? Are you one of those people who still have those exercises at the bottom of your paperwork drawer?
Rehabilitation plays a vitally important role in your path to recovery following an injury and a comprehensive, supervised, structured training programme can help you regain your independence without doing further damage.

Injury Rehabilitation - Our Partners in Northamptonshire

Alongside our massage therapy programme we offer clients a route back to full fitness. Throughout our extensive consultation programme your needs are key. Not knowing who to see is often the biggest excuse people offer for not getting that niggling injury fixed.

At Marshall Personal Training you are never alone, we have an extensive network of contacts throughout Northamptonshire as well as a wealth of experience in getting you back to full working order.

If you need any inspiration to change your thinking as to what the correct injury rehabilitation programme can do for you then look no further than this video courtesy of YouTube:

rectangular image offering a free injury rehabilitation assessment in northampton

Contact me to arrange a free rehabilitation consultation, assessment and to discuss a personal training programme designed to help and motivate you on your journey to recovery.