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Cool, you are at the prices page of the website, which probably means you are making a conscious decision to start your journey to “Making Fitness a Way of Life”.

At Marshall Personal Training we provide a range of package prices for individuals, couples or small groups. All personal training prices for individual sessions and packages are designed to give you the motivation, support and expertise to help you achieve your ultimate goals.

This programme is based on You hence when training with a partner your respective goal paths will be different and hence your results may differ.

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Individual Training Session - £50
10 x 45 Minute Sessions - £350

Monthly 1-2-1
Training Sessions

Per Calendar Month
  • 4 Sessions per calendar month - £155
  • 8 Sessions per calendar month - £300
  • 12 Sessions per calendar month - £400

90-Day Individual

90 Day Expiry
  • 4 Sessions per 90 day period - £180
  • 8 Sessions per 90 day period - £330
  • 12 Sessions per 90 day period - £430

Couple or Group

12 Sessions discounts available
  • 2 people - £50 per session
  • 3 people - £60 per session
  • 4 people - £65 per session
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Learn to Box - 10 x 45 minute sessions - £300

Build confidence, Get in Shape and Have Fun.

Notes: All sessions are one hour duration unless stated otherwise.

Additional travel expenses may be incurred for home visits.

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