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Train with David Marshall, Personal Trainer, at Proaction Martial Arts Body Blitz classes.

Body Blitz – the ultimate circuits and fitness class and one of Northampton’s Best Body Transformation Programmes designed to Blitz Body Fat, Increase Strength and Improve Tone making a better, fitter, more dynamic version of you!
Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday 9.30am, Tuesday & Thursday 12:10 @ ProAction Academy, Osyth Close, Brackmills, Northampton, NN4 7DY.
If you answer yes to any of these questions come and visit us in our fantastic facility neatly tucked away waiting for you.

  • Are you bored of training on your own?
  • Training hard and getting nowhere?
  • Would love Personal Training but not sure if it’s right for you
  • Are nervous around weights even though you know they are an important part of a weight loss routine?
  • Are unsure whether you’re fit enough?
  • Coming back from an injury or medical crisis and need a helping hand?
  • Want to feel like you’re part of a group but work at your own pace?

Then Body blitz is for you! For as little as £30 per month you can train with fully qualified instructors ready to transform your body for less than the cost of one standard personal training session.

Excellent how do I start?

Choose a session you’d like to attend and contact us using one of the links at the bottom of the page.

We are offering two free sessions to get you into the groove.

Don’t talk about it, do it!

Need more info beforehand? See below:-

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Changing the Perception of Normal

Sugar Tax – Jamie Oliver you sir are missing the point

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Sugar Tax – Jamie Oliver you sir, are missing the point

November 2015 was an entertaining week in the world of health and fitness from the aspiring athletes at the IPC World Championships to the political and famous chef Jamie Oliver’s battle to impose a sugar tax.

Jamie Oliver is a hero of mine (I have loads of his books to back this up) but he has got this wrong. Charging people a sugar tax in the UK is all well and good but if you go to one of his restaurants and eat 6 million calories of food he is all good with that. Somehow I think he’s missing the point. By all means challenge government thinking but we need to hit classrooms not pockets.

Obesity amongst children is rising at an alarming rate and quite honestly it is short sighted to think that somewhere along the line we are not all going to suffer, whether it be through the NHS failing and taxes rising or inefficient workforce or on a more personal level.

Sugar Tax is not the answer

Our Governments need to empower local councils and local health boards to educate kids in as many environments as possible on both the importance of good nutrition and exercise.  So allow local authorities to use fitness professionals to be a point of contact for people and re-educate people on how to use and cook fresh ingredients to make great food.

We need a change of thinking and quickly. A gastric band operation costs thousands of pounds but it does nothing to change the psychological reasons for why a person got there in the first place. A decent Personal Trainer or Nutritionist costs on average £2000 per person per year. I may be biased but it seems a lot more logical than going under a knife for an operation that doesn’t address why.

Education Jamie, Education Mr Cameron, Education Parents….it’s the only way we are going to see change.

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Changing the Perception of Normal

Why am I not losing weight?

Image of female measuring a bare stomach with tape measure to check the effect of the weight loss service offered by David Marshall Personal Training based in Northampton


Why am I not losing weight?

Although many may put the blame on hormones, age, poor metabolism, not exercising enough, exercising too much etc. I am going to focus on the ONE thing most likely to be affecting your chances of losing weight and not being able to fit into those teenage sized jeans you keep swearing at.

So quiz time…….

When losing weight what is better for you, salad bursting with nutritious goodness or a Mars bar which common sense and Jamie Oliver tells you is bad?

……………………. answer ……………….. well it depends really.

Right once again we are not focusing on those with medical problems affecting hormone production or metabolism (although in my experience a lot of people hold on to the thought that there must be something wrong with them in the hope that it’s not their fault).

Weight control (loss or gain) is based on a very simple premise. Fuel goes in one end (mouth usually) and depending on what we do with the body is expended either quickly or slowly.

Simple huh! But here is the problem; the fuel you put in, just like a car, is important to how well the body works and therefore, in turn, affects how quickly you burn it off AND unlike a car there is no fuel gauge that says that’s enough (not strictly true as your body does tell your brain that it’s full but it takes about 20 minutes and at a modern dinner table our fork is a shovel, not cocktail stick so we do tend to overeat more often than not).

2000 calories are 2000 calories so whether it be in chocolate or salad, portion control is important and that my friend is trick number 1 to weight control. Be aware of what is in your food and be aware of the magic number CALORIES.

I met a client for lunch last week as she didn’t seem to quite grasp what I was telling her. We went to a pretty well-known supermarket and she picked up a salad (I had Sushi in case you were wondering and that wonderful clear stuff called water). I asked her to look at the back of the package 400 calories. So add her “healthy smoothie” and yoghurt coated raisins we were up well past 1000 calories for 1 meal. Now, remember her goal is to lose weight so we are looking at the daily calorie intake for this lady being 1900-2200 depending on training days. 1 MEAL 1000 CALORIES. MEGA FACEPALM!

It is really important to understand the difference between healthy eating and improving how the body performs (nutritious food prepared properly) and weight control (portion size and calories), but what is really important to understand is that you need to be doing both.

5 tips to get you on the right track

  • Portion size, eat yours and only yours, you don’t need to clear everyone’s plate. If it is stacked 10 inches high it’s probably too much. Use common sense.
  •  Colour,  the natural kind not the food colouring kind. Look to fill your plate with colour. It’s a great way to know you are putting good stuff in
  •  Fruit is great but vegetables are better and both are awesome
  •  Fish it up, OK this is always the killer. I will never understand why people label fish as such a big group. I don’t like venison but it’s not to say I don’t like meat, I hate avocado but I love vegetables. Fish is so good for you, full of healthy oils you are on a fast track to a healthy waistline
  • WATER! It’s free, it’s clean and your body loves it, in fact, it needs it.

So what to do? OK, how many calories you should be eating, what you should be eating and when you should be eating. The truth is there are plenty of great books out there so go and buy one.

Alternatively, seek help from someone who is as passionate about your waistline as you are just with a little more know how.

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Changing the Perception of Normal

Making A Life Change – Why Always A Monday?

image of hand holding a megaphone with the words "time for change" coming out

Making A Life Change - Why Always A Monday?

As a Personal Trainer of far too many years experience, I think I must have heard “Ah well I will just start on Monday” more times than there are people in China. I am finally asking WHY!

I mean, it is the start of the working week, the kids are back at school, the workload on your desk is normally CATASTROPHIC, the postman arrives with the bills and it is statistically the longest working day of the week, and back to the kid theme they are always hard work on a Monday so why on earth do we decide that we are going to start the hardest life changing decision of our life on a Monday?

If you want to succeed in losing weight, shaping up, getting fit you Monday starters may as well join the “New Year New Me” Gang and admit to yourself that really it is not going to happen.

As a young trainer working in various gyms, every manager I ever worked for told me I needed to hit it hard on a Monday, “Sell sell sell, the gym will be packed”. Every Monday was the same free session after free session for people who never turned up again.

A change of behaviour doesn’t happen overnight

We know that behaviour takes 21 days to adapt and up to 6 months to change forever. So I am asking you to try something new. Give yourself a break. Deal with the challenges that Monday brings and lay off the guilt of not hitting the gym. Make it your rest day. God knows you will need it after the day you have probably had. Or if you are going to train on a Monday get it done early, you will need the energetic kick start to get you through the day.

Screaming Sherlock are you crazy, you are a trainer and you don’t want business on a Monday?

Quite the opposite my dear Watson I want people to succeed and train more than once a week (real results people) so let’s work the numbers.
365 days per year – 52 Mondays – 313 other days you can train and the most important fact of all is this. If you go for a birthday meal on Tuesday, maybe go a little excessive? If you get rid of the “start on Monday mentality you are in fact giving yourself 313 more days to reach your goals.

So you are saying don’t train on Mondays?
Nope, I am saying don’t start on Mondays, start today, start now, start whilst you are thinking about it and not before you have convinced yourself to start next Monday.

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Changing the Perception of Normal

Personal Trainer Tip

Finally here’s my Shout Out to trainers working the gym floor on a Monday. “Good luck, don’t tire yourself out as there are still another 6 days in the week. If you are working 12 hours a day 6 days a week charge more as you are obviously good at what you do”.

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